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What is the difference between CCLI and Buma-Stemra?

CCLI represents the reproduction rights on behalf of song owners and offers a simple, legal and affordable copyright solution to churches and organisations wanting to reproduce the words of worship songs. If you Include song words on bulletins, service sheets, OHP acetates etc. or store song words on a computer to use with projection software your church will need permission from the song owners. The CCL licence gives you that permission and ensures that song owners are rewarded for the use of their work and gives churches the freedom to use songs without having the hassle of contacting many different song owners.

Buma represents the performance rights on behalf of the song owners. Permission is required from Buma if you for example have a band/choir performing in your church, play background music at your church or organise a concert. You can arrange the required licences directly with Buma. You can find more information on the Buma/Stemra website. You can also arrange th

I write songs. How do I go about copyrighting them?

Copyright protection in the Netherlands is automatic and there is no official registration system. Should your work be used without your permission, you may need to prove that you are the original author of the work. It may help copyright owners to deposit copies of works with a bank or solicitor, or send copies to themselves by special delivery (which gives a clear date stamp on the envelope), leaving the envelope unopened on its return; this could establish that a work existed at the time.

How does Copyright affect small house groups that are not linked to a church?

A house group not linked to a church will require a licence to reproduce song words, however performance rights are not needed in this setting. The same applies for a house church.

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Our church has a licence with CCLI, do we fulfil all our obligations as far as copyrights are concerned?

You are covered to reproduce song lyrics for those copyright owners who have joined the CCLI licence system. You still need to contact owners directly if you want to use songs not covered by the licence.

To perform music and/or songs in your church you generally need to pay performance rights to Buma. You can arrange this via the collective Buma arrangement from Continental Sound.

Please contact them for advice and further information on tel: 010 456 86 88, by e-mail: "info (-at-) continentalart.org" or by post at Continental Sound, Postbus 81065, 3009 GB Rotterdam.

Can we show videos and/or DVDs in our church?

You will need permission from the copyright owners. Videma represents the copyright owners of cinematographic works and grants the required permission on their behalf. Visit www.videma.nl for more information.

What if a song copyright owner does not appear on the authorised list?

If the owner of the song is not included on the CCL Authorised Catalogue list then you cannot reproduce the lyrics of the song under your licence. You may reproduce the song if it is in the Public Domain or if you have received separate permission from the song owner.

How can I tell if a song is covered by my licence?

Check the < a href="/en/licence-holders/authorised">CCL Authorised Catalogues list. If the copyright owner of the song is included on the list then you are free to reproduce the lyrics of the song under your licence.

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Can I still report using my CopyReport4 software, my CD-ROM or Booklets?

No. The Online Reporting website has now replaced these and is the only way to report to CCLI. However, if you have been using CopyReport4, we request that you send us a final report before transitioning to Online Reporting.

Can I still complete my report at the end of my licence period?

We recommend that you report as you go. With Online Reporting you can assign as many users as you need to your account. This means that everyone who reproduces or copies songs for times of Collective Worship in your school can take responsibility for reporting. The Online Reporting website is optimised for tablets and smartphones so reporting as you go is convenient and will make the reporting process much easier.

The person set up as our Account Administrator has left. How do I change this?

Only the Administrator can add or remove users and change who the Account Administrator is. If this person is no longer around, please contact CCLI.
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